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Web Designing, Web development Training course objectives

  • Introduction to Web Technologie
  • Careers in Web Technologies and Job Roles
  • How the Website Works?
  • Client Side Scripting and Server Side Scripting
  • Domains and Hosting
  • Static Website Designing, Dynamic Websites and WebApps
  • Web Standards and W3C recommendations
  • PHP MySQL Web Developer Syllabus

Web Design & Development Course Syllabus

  • Understanding HTML4 & HTML5

What is Markup Language

Basic Structure of HTML

Head Section and Elements

Meta Tags

External Link Tags

HTML Structure Tags

Create Table, Div and Frame Tag

Content and Header Tags

Paragraph, Span, Pre Tags

Anchor Links and Named Anchors

Object,Iframe and Image Tag

Implementing iFrame in Realtime

Working with Forms

Form Tag and Attributes

POST and GET Method

Text Input, TextArea, Checkbox and Radio

Password Field

Select Option, Option Group

File Field and Hidden Fields

Submit, Reset, Image Buttons

Relation between HTML Form and PHP


What is XHTML

Difference between HTML & XHTML

XHTML Basics

Introduction to Doc Types

XHTML Validation

HTML5 (Latest Version)

Introduction to HTML5

Whats new in HTML5

HTML5 Apis

HTML5 Semanticg Tag

HTML5 Multimedia

Search, Email and Url Tel Input 

  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS2 & CSS3)

Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets

Types of Style Sheets

Media Type

Default CSS Properties

Types of CSS Selectors

Adjacent Sibling Selector

Other Selectors

CSS properties

Type Properties

Background Properties

Block Properties

Box Model Properties

List Properties

Border Properties

Positioning Properties

CSS Optimization Tips

CSS Compression

(CSS 3.0 – Latest Version)

Introduction to CSS 3

Basic CSS3 Selectors

Advanced CSS3 Selectors

New CSS3 Properties

CSS Rounded Corners

Border Image

Box and Text Shadow

Multiple Backgrounds

Background Origin

Background Resize

CSS Clip, Gradients, Opacity

Transitions & Transform

  • Bootstrap

Bootstrap Setup

Benifits of Bootstrap

Basics of Bootstrap

Project Design Using Bootstrap

  • Hosting First Website

Web Hosting Basics

Types of Hosting Packages

Registering domains

Defining Name Servers

Using Control Panel

Creating Emails in Cpanel

Using FTP Client

Maintaining a Website

  • Java Script

Introduction to Client Side Scripting

Introduction to Java Script

Javascript Types

Variables in JS

Operators in JS

Conditions Statements

Java Script Loops

JS Popup Boxes

JS Events

JS Arrays

Working with Arrays

JS Objects

JS Functions

Using Java Script in Realtime

Validation of Forms

Related Examples

  • Jquery and jQuery UI

Introduction to jQuery

jQuery Features

Installing jQuery

jQuery Syntax

jQuery Ready Function

jQuery Selectors

jQuery Actions

jQuery Custom Functionality

jQuery Libraries

jQuery Validation

jQuery Slideshow

jQuery Dropdown

JS Functions

jQuery UI

Working with jQueryUI

jQuery Accordions

jQuery Tabs

jQuery Tooltips

jQuery Autocomplete

  • Photoshop

Basic Info About Photoshop Tools

PSD to HTML Conversion

  • SEO Concepts

Basics of SEO

Importance of SEO

Onpage Optimization Basics

File Optimization

Title Optimization

Meta Tags creation

Footer Optimization

  • Live Website Design Project

Conversion of PSD to CSS

Adding Menu System to Project

Slideshow Integration

Implementing Gallery Script

Adding the Contact Form

Form validations using JS

Manual Website Testing


  • PHP MySQL Web Developer Syllabus

PHP Introduction

Variables, Constants, Datatypes

Operators and Control Structures

Looping Statements

Arrays and Foreach Loop

PHP Functions

Sessions in PHP

Blog Project Demo, PhpMyAdmin


Oops with PHP – Basics

  • Interview Preparation & Placement Assistance

Interview Questions

Resume Prepration

How to Crack Interview

Guaranteed minimum 20 interviews with placement companies

Mr. Bhargav Raj

Senior Web designer & Web developer

CoolMoons Web Design & Development Trainer Profile

Having 4 years of experience in Web domain with Object Oriented Programming experience and good knowledge of advanced language features in Core Java, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, JSTL, Java Script, Ajax, Angular Js, Spring ,Spring boot, Hibernate, Android and Web services,PHP, SSL certificate installation
Trained more than 2000+ students on Web Design and Development.
5-star rating from all our students.
Having good experience developing web application with latest technologies.
Strong understanding of front end design as well as back end.
Detail-oriented, with proven communication and analytical skills; can handle multiple tasks to meet deadlines in pressure situations.
Excellent training delivery skills with an ability to present information well.
Demonstrable experience of being student focused and completing projects to

Web Design & Development Trainer Experience

Creating excellent websites for the clients
Managing Social Media, Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing Campaigns.
Managing Business daily operations run smoothly with leading the teamsManaging Business daily operations run smoothly with leading the teams
Analyzing website structure according to SEO friendly rules.
Designed website pages with SEO friendly.
Analyzing and improvedBusiness keywords in search engine.
Responsible for website related updates.

Best Web designing Training institute in Gauribidanur

CoolMoons technologies mainly focuses on the present scope of web designing and real time requirements. Each section of the module will boost your designing & development skills. Real time projects will be conducted like creating small website, creating excellent logos, Web hosting, web page designing & converting them to HTML.

On successful completion of the course you will definitely get a job.


What are the prerequisites for Web designing Course?

A basic knowledge in computer is good to start learning with, you don’t need any degree or diploma to secure a job, Nowadays companies are not specifically ask for degree or diploma.

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